Unfortunately not. Due to the broad definition of Art, baseline shipping cannot be organised for items that could vary from an A4 sketch to a 2 ton Statue.

Shipping is to be organised by the Vendor. Open dialogue is encouraged between the Vendor and the Customer on what will be easiest for both parties. Vendors can add a baseline shipping cost applied to all items on their store, or unique shipping costs applied to each individual product. Shipping fees are both determined by and paid to the vendors.


No. Every vendor on Indie Art Africa subscribes to their own individual tax practices. Tax categories such as VAT can be applied to the store in general or individual tax percentages can be applied to each unique item. Abiding to tax laws is the Vendors’ responsibility.

An official tax certificate cannot be issued by Indie Art Africa. However, on the Vendor’s dashboard, under reports, you can click on “Statements” and export all the data of you sales from a selected time period to help you keep track of you income.

Payment process

Money is not paid directly to the Vendor, money is sent to a holding account owned by Indie Art Africa, money can be released to the vendor once the order has been declared “completed”.

Each vendor can apply their own warranty, applicable to either the whole store or individual items. A refund can be requested up until 3 days after the order is declared “Completed”. A ticket can be issued by the customer explaining their query, which will be kept on record and forwarded to the vendor.

A vendor can request to withdraw any amount from their account at any time. Payment will reflect in their supplied bank account within 7 days, provided the banking details they have provided are correct. Should there be any issues the vendor will be notified by an admin.

Reasons for a refund include: Misrepresented quality of artwork, failed delivery or the artwork being damaged.

With no registration or posting fees we make money off a flat 10% commission on sales. We find it unfair to charge artists (who usually don’t have liquid capital) to potentially not make a sale.

Art categories

An uncategorised option is available and tags can be applied to each product to help it be discovered through searches.

The ever present question! Although many scholars would say anything can be art, admins reserve the right to not approve any posts. Keep in mind this is treated as an online gallery space, with all artwork posted with the intention to be sold by artists here to make a living.

As much as art can be used as a statement, please keep in mind that a wide audience will be viewing the site. Artwork deemed unsuitable for young audiences can be approved, but will not be featured on the home page without special admittance. Artwork and vendors can be reported and given negative reviews. However, rating, commenting and reporting is reserved for those who register to IndieArtAfrica, meaning admins can reverse negative ratings or delete negative comments that are without merit. Put bluntly, if you do not think someone will buy your statement piece, maybe put it on your social media account opposed to this marketplace.

quality control

A 5 star review system is offered for each vendor’s store as well as a comment section. Stores can be linked to vendors’ social media profiles to see some of their other work.

Admins reserve the right to not approve any artwork. This includes reasons such as a low resolution image was provided, a filtered photo was provided or the artwork details don’t match the description.


Indie Art Africa’s Privacy policy can be found at:

Copyright and Intellectual property disagreements are to be dealt with between the parties involved. Indie Art Africa keeps records of artwork uploaded and the actions around it, if any mediation is required. Please watermark any  product thumbnails that are not visibly signed. Artists’ are encouraged to keep a record of all artwork and their creative process, not only to develop a credibility claim to intellectual property, but also to build a story behind any artwork.